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SP2D mod for Unreal Tournament -- Maps

50% complete

0. Flyby

Title: Flyby
Author: UArchitect
Status: 50% complete
Description: A little and nice flyby map set in a snowy place.

1. SP2D-Snow

Title: Escape to the caves
Author: kea
Status: Beta
Description: Icy caves, in which Andy tries to hide from Skaarj. But he must go to the Tower to send the message to the headquarters. In caves he've found an old Chizra temple.

2. SP2D-Snow2

Title: Under Construction
Author: kea
Status: Monsters are available with difficulty settings, though it is still beta.
Description: Like all my maps, this will be a quite short one. Inner parts of the Chizra temple. Nali reconstructs this old building that was damaged after battles. After Skaarj defeat kralls became much more peaceful, but now Nali tells him that they waits a betrayal because of their suspicious behaviour.

3. SP2D-WayToTheTower

Title: Way to the tower
Author: Mgo
Status: Beta
Description: Outdoor map with some rock structures.

4. SP2D-Tower

Title: The Tower
Author: evil_blue_dude and kea
Status: Beta
Description: An ancient Nali tower, where humans have set a radio transmitter. From there Andy can send a message to the headquarters.
95% complete

5. SP2D-WayToTheKharlaan

Title: Way To The Kharlaan
Author: Mgo
Status: 95% complete
Description: Andrew sent the message to the headquarters. He've got the order to go to the Kharlaan, the nearest Nali village with human forces. On the way to the village he was ambushed by Skaarj forces.

6. SP2D-TheKharlaanVillage

Title: The Kharlaan Village
Author: Derdak2rot
Status: Beta
Description: Nali village that was conquerred by kralls. Nali tells Andrew that village was captured by Skaarj, and kralls stay here only to patrol. All human's forces went to the fortress.
50% complete

7. SP2D-Fortress

Title: The Kharlaan Fortress
Author: kea
Status: 50% complete
Description: The ancient Nali temple, where Andy meets rest of the humans' squad from the Kharlaan. The fortress is being attacked by Skaarj. After defeating Skaarj in the fortress Andy with some other soldiers were sent to the headquarters on the transport ship.

Intro map

Title: just intro map
Author: Derdak2rot with slight additions by kea
Status: Beta
Description: Transport was attacked by Skaarj on the half way to the humans' base. This UMS intro shows transport taking off, flying and being shot.

8. SP2D-Crash

Title: Crash
Author: Derdak2rot
Status: Beta
Description: Transport was attacked by Skaarj on the half way to the humans' base. It landed not in the polar parts of the Na Pali, the climate is mild there.
40% complete

9. SP2D-Outpost3E7

Title: Outpost 3E7
Author: N/A
Status: 40% complete
Description: One of humans' outposts set on Na Pali being attacked by Skaarj infantry forces. Here Andy will find another squad.
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