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SP2D mod for Unreal Tournament -- Mapping

Here I will tell you how to create maps for SP2D.
Also check out the decorations and maps pages.

1. Setting up UnrealEd

You know, you will need OldSkool v. 239 to run SP2D. You may find it with ONP or Xidia, or download it. Later versions will work too, I think.
You will need to add some packages to EditPackages. Add these lines into [Editor.EditorEngine] section of your UnrealTournament.ini :
Now you will have these packages loaded at startup of UnrealEd.

2. LevelInfo

In Level Properties (F6) you must set DefaultGameType to Class'sp2d.sp2d'. You will find it here:
You may also set Author and Title as you want.

3. Adding LInfo2D

Add somewhere a LInfo2D actor. You will find it here:
Leave it at default values.

4. Camera movement

Camera is created when the game starts. It makes your side view of the map.
Camera is located 640 unints apart from the player. So you will need to create enough free space to fit it. Do like me, substract a large cube and make it black.

5. Items placement

Player's movement is attached to the X-axis (moving left and right), Z-axis allows you to move up and down. Y axis is constant.
To make sure you always can pick up items and shoot to the monsters, you should align them by the Y axis. When you placed PlayerStart, aligned it's Y coordinate, you shold set the same Y coordinate to all items in the map.

6. Side doors

First, create two different rooms. See sp2d-test.unr as an example.
Now you should add two teleporters in two different rooms. It is better to use Teleporter2D in this case, because it doesn't make teleport effect. Anyways, make sure teleporters have bChangesYaw=False and bEnabled=False. These are default properties for Teleporter2D.
If it is done correctly, teleporters will not teleport you to the other room until you type EnterDoor in console window (this is the command for the SP2D key binding).
When you are touching Teleporter2D at first time and the corresponding key binding is set, the hint about entering it will appear. If you want to make a secret door with no hint, set bSilent property to True.

7. Monsters

You must use only 2D versions of monsters. For example, use Krall2d instead of Krall.
In version 0.75 I've made all monsters except Queen. Some creatures will need adjustment of SightRadius and HearingThreshold.
If you can't find 2D subclass of some creature, tell me about that.

8. Weapons

Use Unreal Tournament weapons, but I'll make 2D versions of them soon.
PulseGun2D is working fine, you may use it instead of PulseGun.

9. FOV changer

Not all the game time you are smashing monsters. Sometimes you just going around the map and looking for the side doors. So, it is better to have different field of view in different situations.
To make this possible you can use FOVChanger actor. It is a subclass of KeyPoint.
When a player touches this actor, FOV is changed to the FOVtoSet property of FOVChanger. By default it shrinks your view down to the 60 degrees. In battle situations it is better to make FOV wide. I recommend to set it to 90, larger FOV brings a distortion into your view. If bResetToDefault is set to True, it resets your FOV do default value.
By default FOVChanger changes your FOV only once and after then destroys itself. You can make it repeatable by setting the bSetOnceOnly to False.

10. Lighting tips

When the map's geometry is complete, you'll see that some surfaces will not be visible in game. I advise you to set that surfaces unlit. This will reduce file size a bit and may be will give a little performance gain. Also surfaces that are situated far away from the player's view may have low shadow detail.

11. Friendly human bots

This is a new feature in version 0.9, which is planned to be used in the 7th map, SP2D-Fortress. These male and female bots are derived from UT bots. Now they have only one editable property -- you can set a bot's name.

12. InstantTeleporter2d

This teleporter works as usual, you don't need to hit special button to enter it. It doesn't make teleport effect and updates player's view corresponding to new location. This teleporter doesn't accept player if it is not enabled.
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